Having worked in the Animation for over 25 years I have extensive experience in the Animation industry and the whole animation production process. I am currently employed with Cartoon Saloon as a Senior Clean Artist. My previous employers have been Boulder Media, Walt Disney Animation Australia, Fox Animation, TerraGlyph Interactive Studios and Sullivan Bluth Studios.

While working at Cartoon Saloon I have worked as a Senior Clean-up artist on ‘Wolfwalkers’, ‘My Father’s Dragon’ and also worked in Pre-production for ‘My Father’s Dragon’ drawing and creating Character Model Packs for many of the characters.

At Boulder Media my position was working within the Pre-Production department as an Digital Clean-Up Artist which included working as a Assistant Character Designer, Posing Artist & Character Rigging Prep. In these positions using Photoshop & Toon Boom Harmony my duties included drawing Key Poses from storyboards, drawing and creating character model sheets & turn-arounds, and final Digital Clean-up & Color Palette setup of character templates for the rigging department. On the final project there, I worked in the Rigging dept, rigging characters & props.

While employed at Walt Disney Animation Australia my position was Clean-up character lead on Tarzan II, Lilo & Stitch 2, Bambi 2, Brother Bear 2 & Cinderella 3. On the last two projects I was the Key Clean-Up Department Assistant Supervisor. As Clean-up character lead, I was responsible for character developing and designing model sheets, turnarounds & model packs for each of my characters, drawing Spot Keys for many of the scenes and reporting to lead animators & directors for approvals.

Yours sincerely,
Kevin Condron