Kevin Condron

Character Design
Key Pose Artist
Traditional & Digital Clean-up Artist

I have extensive experience in the Animation industry and the whole animation production process. I am currently employed with Boulder Media working within the Pre-Production Character Design department and had worked as Clean-up Character Lead on five feature projects for Disney. My previous employers have been Walt Disney Animation Australia, 20th Century Fox Animation, TerraGlyph Interactive Studios and Sullivan Bluth Studios.

  • First Class Honours in Higher Diploma in Digital Media Design.
  • Completed Disney’s Management training programme.
  • As Clean-up character lead at Disney, I worked with the Director and Animation character leads to develop the final character design. Also redesigned and simplified some existing characters to suite the style or budget of the feature.
  • Created Model Packs which included full turnarounds, expression sheets, pose sheets, for numerous characters on both Disney & Boulder Media projects.
  • High proficiency in Photoshop.
  • Strong Toon Boom Harmony experience.
  • Met all my production targets and deadlines on time.


Photoshop 100%
Harmony Toon Boom 85%
TV Paint 75%
Flash 80%
Maya 75%
Illustrator 90%
AutoCAD 95%


Bouldermedia | 2017 – Present

Character Design / Digital Clean-Up Artist / Key Pose Artist
At Boulder Media my current position is Assistant Character Designer, Digital Clean-up Artist using Toon Boom & Key Pose Artist. While employed here I have worked on Littlest Pet Shop (World of their own), My Little Pony Featurette & Rescue Bots Academy.


  • Produce character model packs, full turn-arounds, head tilts, acting & action pose sheets, expression sheets, draw-throughs, hand charts, mouth & eye charts.
  • Design incidental characters and character redresses.
  • Design Cutie Marks for incidental ponies in ‘My Little Pony’ Featurette.
  • Draw Key poses which are selected by the Director from the storyboards to improve upon them and put them on model, or show any complex actions for the animation department.
  • Digital Clean-up & Palette colour setup of characters for the Rigging department using Harmony Toon Boom.

Freelance Animation, Illustration & Design | 2007 – 2016

Self Employed –

  • Self employed, worked on numerous freelance, design, illustration & draughting projects.
  • Freelance Assistant Animator / Clean up on the film short ‘Hasen Everywhere’ directed by Andrew Kavanagh.
  • Post production character development and design for an independent Flash animation TV series ‘Roxy & the Rubans’.
  • Illustration & design on multiple websites and graphic design projects.
  • 3D Draughting for Google & Intel.

Digital Animation Media | 2007

Freelance Senior Clean-up artist / Assistant Animator
‘Flying Heroes’ feature by Accio in Spain.

Walt Disney Animation Australia | 2001 – 2006

Assistant Supervisor / Team Leader / Training Instructor / Senior Clean-Up artist
Clean-up & Assistant Animation department supervisor on ‘Brother Bear 2’ and ‘Cinderella 3’. Clean-Up Character Lead on ‘Tarzan II’, ‘Lilo & Stitch 2’, ‘Bambi 2’, ‘Brother Bear 2’ and ‘Cinderella 3’. Training Instructor on ‘Jungle Book 2’. Assistant Lead on ‘Lion King 3’ and ‘Jungle Book 2’.


  • As Clean-up Character Lead I worked with the Director and Animation character leads to develop the final character design and created Model Packs which included full turnarounds, expression sheets, pose sheets, for each of these characters.
  • As Training instructor I trained a team of artists from In-betweening to Clean-up / Assistant Animators.
  • Scheduling quotas and organising work-flow.
  • Preparing and delivering yearly personnel reviews.
  • Meeting daily with Directors, attending production meetings and animation approval sessions, quickly turning around any changes needed.
  • I also maintained as a Clean-up artist the highest artistic quality and controlling the look and consistency of my characters whilst making deadlines.

Don Bluth Group | 2000

Freelance Senior Clean-up artist / Assistant Animator
Dragon’s Lair 3D computer game animation.

Fox Animation Studios | 1996 – 2000

Senior Clean-up artist / Assistant Animator
Titan A.E., Bartok and Anastasia. I was also sub-contracted to Dreamworks to work on ‘The Prince of Egypt’.


  • Checking In-betweener’s drawings and control the look and consistency of all characters within my scenes.
  • Meeting weekly with Directors.
  • Reporting to animators.

TerraGlyph Interactive Studios | 1995 – 1996

Freelance Senior Clean-up artist / Assistant Animator
Computer interactive games, ‘Beowolf’, ‘Kid Songs’, ‘Tiny Toons’, ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ & ‘Hansel & Gretel’.

Sullivan Bluth Studios | 1988 – 1995

Final Checking / Cel Painter / Cel Painting Checker / Clean-Up Artist
Started in the Final Checking department on ‘Land Before Time’ & ‘All Dogs go to Heaven’, moving into the Cel Painting for ‘Rock-a-Doodle’, ‘Rover Dangerfield’, and ‘A Troll in Central Park’. Then promoted to Cel Painting Checker for overseas contractors on ‘Thumbelina’. Later becoming a Clean-up artist for ‘Pebble & the Penguin’ and quickly being promoted to Senior level for Clean-up on ‘All Dogs go to Heaven 2’.


Animation Skillnet, Dublin, Ireland.

Production Management for Animation (2D digital animation pipeline)

Digital Media Design (H.Dip) | IT Carlow

First Class Honours in Higher Diploma in the arts in Digital Media Design. This course included subjects in Interactive Design & Animation using Flash, Digital Media/Graphic Design using Photoshop & Illustrator, Web Management & Design, Marketing Management, Business Organisation/Entrepreneurship.

Walt Disney Animation, Australia.

Future Leaders Programme (Management Training)
Flash Animation Workshop
Disney Animation Workshop

3D Animation & Design | TAFE – The Design Centre, Sydney

Advanced 3D Animation in Maya
3D Modelling & Animation in Maya
Character Design & Animation in Maya

Digital Audiovisual Applications | Arthouse Multimedia Centre, Dublin

Certificate in Digital Audiovisual Applications
Adobe Photoshop, Digital Animation using Flash,
Web Site Construction & Web Authoring – HTML
3D Studio Max

Digital Animation | New Media Technology Training, Dublin

Digital Animation – Flash